EU Citizens Statement from the Prime Minister

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Summary of points:

  • Must be reciprocal
  • Certainty, wants to put to rest anxiety
  • No EU citizen currently in the UK lawfully will be asked to leave
  • Any EU citizens with 5 years continuous residence at cut off date will be able to stay and treated as UK citizen for healthcare, education, pensions
  • Any here for less than 5 years at cut off date will be allowed to stay until they have the five years
  • Cut off date no earlier than the day we triggered article 50 – 30th March 2017
  • No families will be split up – dependents joining family members before exit will be able to stay until they have 5 years
  • Family members of settled EU nationals will be able to stay
  • Grace period of two years for those entering after the cut of date
  • Family members outside the UK will have to meet the UK rules if they don’t enter until after Brexit
  • System of registration will be straight forward, light touch
  • No need to prove CSI (Comprehensive Sickness Insurance)
  • Extend to EFTA countries
  • Irish nationals keep their rights, no need to apply for PR
  • Want to continue to participate in the EHIC scheme

Full announcement.

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