Immigration in the 2015 General Election: A Brief Guide

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We have written a brief guide to the immigration policies of the main parties, as outlines in their manifestos.

Please read and use your vote wisely!

Conservative Party
EEA Migration:

  • Commit to aim of having net migration in the ‘tens of thousands’
  • EU nationals to be eligible for tax credits and child benefit only after four years of making contributions
  • In-Out referendum on membership of the EU
  • Bar EU nationals from social housing until they have lived in the UK for four years
  • Barring EU nationals from claiming job-seeking benefits
  • Removing EU nationals from the UK if they are unemployed for a period of 6 months
  • Rules making it easier to deport EU nationals who commit crimes
  • Strengthening re-entry bans for EU nationals who ‘abuse’ free movement
  • Introduce income threshold and English language test for EU national spouses

Non-EEA migration:

  • Maintaining cap of skilled migrants to 20,700
  • Introducing sanctions for sponsor colleges or businesses when migrants fail to comply with the terms of their visas
  • Remove all non-asylum applicants after refusal and make them appeal from abroad
  • Introduce satellite tracking for foreign national criminals awaiting deportation
  • Make all landlords check the immigration status of tenants

Labour Party

  • Prevent EU migrants from claiming benefits until they have been resident for two years
  • Charges for non-visa nationals coming to the UK
  • ‘Stronger controls’ to prevent those who have committed serious crimes from coming to the UK
  • Keeping the cap on workers coming to the UK
  • A law on preventing employers from undercutting wages and exploiting workers
  • An end to indefinite detention and the detention of pregnant women and victims of sexual abuse or trafficking

Liberal Democrats

  • Remain in the EU
  • Continue to allow high-skill immigration
  • Re-instate Post-study work visa for Science, Technology Engineering and Maths graduates
  • End indefinite detention
  • Require working age asylum seekers to work once they have been waiting more than six months for their claim to be processed
  • Ensure applications are processed quickly
  • Deport people with no right to stay
  • Reduce the time genuine refugees have to wait before they can settle into life in the UK
  • Take tough actions against educational institutions that allow abuse of the student route into the UK
  • Present to Parliament an annual assessment of skill and labour market shortfalls

Green Party

  • Reject open borders approach
  • Reject an arbitrary numerical cap on net migration
  • Respecting the legal obligations within the EU on freedom of movement
  • Abolition of the £18,600 maintenance threshold for spousal visas
  • Make it easier for UK nationals to sponsor adult dependents, especially elderly parents
  • Allow foreign students to work for two years after graduation
  • Widen the Youth Mobility scheme to allow those from poorer countries to participate
  • Review the rules for those wishing to do business here to ensure they are not discriminatory against smaller businesses
  • Not simply accept people just because they are rich
  • Immediately stop the detention of women and children
  • Reintroduce legal aid for reasonable levels of immigration and asylum workMake English or Welsh language lessons available to all new immigrants, either free or affordable
  • Open up ways for existing irregular migrants who have been here for three years to become legal


  • Take back control of borders
  • Leave the EU
  • Increase the numbers of ‘Border Agency’ staff
  • Better identification of overstayers
  • Put a five-year moratorium on immigration for unskilled workers
  • Introduce an Australian-style points based system
  • Limit highly skilled work visas to 50,000, including those from within the EU
  • Require skilled workers to have medical insurance for a five year period
  • Scrap ILR and allow citizenship for skilled workers who have worked and paid tax here for five years
  • Reform of visit visas to allow for reciprocal arrangements
  • Require undergraduate and post-graduate students to have private health insurance
  • Abolish EEA family permits
  • Re-introduce the Primary Purpose rule
  • Review the ‘family union system’
  • Refuse NHS treatment (other than emergency access) for five years to all migrants
  • Tackle the problem of sham marriages
  • Foreign criminals barred from getting visas
  • All resident migrants who receive custodial sentences will be held in detention and then deported

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