Partner & Dependent Visas


Spouses/Civil Partners/Unmarried partners/fiancée’s of  UK citizens, or those resident in the UK with Indefinite Leave To Remain.

In order to qualify for leave to enter or remain in the above categories, your Partner (or ‘Sponsor’) in the UK must meet one of the following financial criteria:

  • be in permanent employment earning £18,600 per year
  • be self employed and have average earnings of £18,600 over the past 18 or 24 months
  • have other specified non-employment income amounting to £18,600
  • have savings amounting to £62,500
  • have earnings from employment or income from other sources which, although lower than £18,600, can be ‘topped up’ from savings
  • be in receipt of specified benefits, including Disability Living Allowance or Carer’s Allowance, and be able to support their family as per government minimum requirements.

If applying to enter the UK and your UK sponsor is living with you at the time of application, he/she must have a confirmed job offer from a UK employer, with suitable salary, due to start within 3 months of arrival back in the UK.

If you have dependent children who are also applying then more savings and/or income will be required.


The accommodation requirements remain the same, i.e. that you have somewhere to stay with the permission of the owner of the property, with at least one room that you and your sponsor occupy exclusively, and that will not be overcrowded. Or you own your own property.


You must be in a genuine relationship with your sponsor.  The government have introduced a number of new tests to make sure that the relationship is genuine.  Legitimate couples should not be greatly affected by this.

If successful, an out-of-country applicant will be issued a visa valid for 33 months.  If in- country, the visa will be granted for 30 months. The visa will then need to be extended until you have been in the UK for 5 years, at which point you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, or settle permanently in the UK.  You will also be able to apply for Citizenship immediately after having been granted Permanent settlement.

Finally you must both intend to make the UK your main home.

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