Practice Life in the UK Test

The Life in the UK test is compulsory if you are aged between 18 and 65 and wish to become a British Citizen.

The test focuses on British traditions and values and you are given 45 minutes to complete it.

The Official Life in the UK Test consists of 24 Questions with a pass mark of 75%.

You must book your test at least 3 days in advance. It costs £50.

There are over 60 test locations around the UK.

This test is 100 questions with a pass mark of 75% – pass it and you’ll be well prepared for the Official Test…


Who chairs debates in the House of Commons?


How often is a General Election held?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
By around AD 600, Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were established in Britain.


Which of these books did Graham Greene not write?


Which Catherine was executed after being accused of taking lovers by Henry VIII?


During the reign of Henry VIII, which country of the union became formally united with England?


The First World War ended in victory for Britain and its allies. At what exact time and date in 1918 did the war end officially?


Who became queen after the death of Edward VI?


Who was James II’s eldest daughter, Mary, married to?


Which TWO of the following are freedoms offered to citizens and permanent residents of the UK?


Who did Henry VIII marry after the execution of Anne Boleyn?


Where did the Boer War take place?


Which king annexed Wales to the Crown of England with the Statute of Rhuddlan?


In a Crown Court, who decides what the penalty will be, in the case of a guilty verdict?


William Shakespeare wrote a number of sonnets. What are sonnets?


What event is commemorated on 5 November every year?


What do you accept and agree to when you become a permanent resident of the UK?


A poll card includes which TWO pieces of information?


The Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible for which area of government policy?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are part of the UK.


Which of the following is correct?


In which city is the Scottish Parliament based?


What happens at a polling station or polling place?


Ian McEwan, Hilary Mantel and Julian Barnes have all won which literary prize?


Where did people of the Bronze Age bury their dead?


Which of these is not a Christmas tradition in the UK?


Which of these is an accurate estimate of the number of casualties suffered by Britain in the First World War?


What is a Yorkshire pudding?


The Battle of Boyne is celebrated with a bank holiday in which country?


Which of the following statements is correct?


When did Julius Caesar lead the Roman invasion of Britain?


What is the name of the famous horse race held near Liverpool?


What are MEPs?


Where does the UK Parliament sit?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
The UK is a parliamentary democracy.


The UK has what kind of monarchy?


Which TWO of the following have the right to vote?


In Crown Court, who decides the verdict of “guilty” or “not guilty”?


Which of the following statements is correct?


Who did William the Conqueror defeat at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?


Which of these is not a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera?


Charles I was unwilling to reach an agreement with Parliament. Following his defeat in the Civil War, what happened to him?


Which of the following statements is correct?


After the Act of Union, Scotland was no longer an independent country. In what TWO ways was it still separate from the rest of Great Britain?


The first people lived in Britain during which period?


Where were Elizabeth I’s parents?


Where did Florence Nightingale establish the Nightingale School for Nurses in 1860?


MPs have a duty to serve and represent which of the following groups?


Which country is not represented on the Union Flag?


Around which structure in London is the Remembrance Day service usually held?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
Norman French influenced the development of the English language as we know it today.


Who is the patron saint of Scotland?


How are the local authorities funded?


What is the common name for the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London?


Which of the following is one of the Queen’s important ceremonial roles?


Which of the following statements is true?


How many people emigrated from the UK during Victoria’s reign between 1853-1913?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
Military training for young people is provided by The National Citizen Service.


When was the first Union Flag created?


What sport is played in the UEFA Champions League?


How old was Edward VI when he died ?


Which of the following statements is correct?


A judiciary is responsible for which TWO of the following :


Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state for which TWO of the following?


Sake Dean Mahomet opened which establishment in George Street, London in 1810?


The last successful foreign invasion of England was by which of the following?


Who was King of England at the time of the Norman Invasion in 1066?


John Petts was a Welshman famous in which of these TWO areas of art?


How is the electoral register updated?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
Members of the House of Lords are elected by a constituency.


Diwali is a religious celebration for which TWO religious groups?


Which TWO of the following are amongst the shared goals of the Commonwealth?


How old do you have to be to buy alcohol in the UK?


Lewis Hamilton is a leading figure in which sport?


Which annual flower show in London exhibits garden designs from around the world?


Which of the following statements is correct?


To apply to become a permanent resident or citizen of the UK, you will need to be able to do which TWO of the following?


What event in 1851 took place at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park and showed goods and exhibits from Britain and across the world?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
The Bill of Rights confirmed the rights of Parliament and the limits of the king’s power.


Which British novelist created the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes?


Henry VIII has 6 wives. What was the name of his first wife?


George Frederick Handel, the German-born composer who became a British citizen, wrote which of the following?


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
Discrimination in the workplace is an example of criminal law.


Is the statement below TRUE or FALSE?
Adult citizens of other EU states may vote in General Elections.


The War of the Roses was fought by the supporters of which TWO families in order to decide who should be King of England?


An attempt by which group to put James II’s son on the throne instead of George I was quickly defeated?


Who wrote musicals such as Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and Evita?


Which TWO events happened to the church in England following the restoration of Charles II?


What is New Year’s Eve called in Scotland?


A snack made from flour, dried fruits and spices and served either hot or cold is which of the following?


Which of the following countries did not help to set up the EEC?


When were the first professional football clubs formed?


How often is Prime Minister’s Questions held?


Which of the following is not an aim of the United Nations?


Since which year has the UK had a fully democratic voting system.


Causing trouble whilst drinking in public can result in which TWO of the following from the police?


Which Anglo-Saxon poem tells of its hero’s battles against monsters?


In 1649, England was declared a republic. What was it called?


What were The Canterbury Tales?


Which of the following statements is correct?