UK Visa Appeals

What to do if a visa application has been refused

If you have had an application for Leave to Enter the UK or Further Leave to Remain in the UK refused, then depending on the reasons for refusal, it may be best to re-apply.  However, in certain circumstances, you may have been granted a Right of Appeal.

Certain types of applications, such as applications for settlement as a family member of a UK or EEA national will normally carry a Right of Appeal.  However in certain circumstances it may be possible to argue a Right of Appeal even if the applicant has not formerly been granted this in writing in the initial refusal document.

The process can be lengthy and complicated.  You’ll need to wait for your Hearing date and timescales vary.

We can lodge an appeal on your behalf but we are unable to provide legal representation at an Immigration Tribunal.

If you’ve had an application refused then you should, in the first instance, email a copy of the refusal letter to us and we’ll assess the best option.

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