Experts in all aspects of UK immigration law with a strong focus on family and employment-based visas.

We have extensive experience with applications based on Human Rights, EU law, as well as applications for Settlement and Naturalisation / Citizenship

MediVisas provides a full range of UK immigration services from basic advice and consultations, to application / document checking and full representation – all at competitive rates.

People come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities with varying degrees of immigration history.  As such, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with many different types of visa-related situations.

We understand that you may be in a different time zone than us.  Not to worry – we  are happy to arrange ‘out of hours’ consultations and general advice.

We know that the visa process can be extremely stressful which is why we work so hard to make it as clear and simple as possible.

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Life in the UK Test

Illegal Entrants & Overstayers


Family & Settlement


We have, over the years, successfully represented clients whose applications fall outside the Immigration Rules, such as illegal entrants, over-stayers, those who have previously made false representations or used deception in a previous application.

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If you have had an application for Leave to Enter the UK or Further Leave to Remain in the UK refused, then you may be granted a Right of Appeal or the opportunity to lodge an Administrative Review.  Few types of applications now carry a Right of Appeal and in most circumstances, you are often better off simply re-applying.

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When applying for leave to enter the UK and your sponsor is living with you outside the UK at the time of application, they will also require an offer of employment from a UK employer, with suitable salary, due to start within 3 months of returning.

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Investors & Entrepeneurs

Employment Visas



You can apply to enter the UK as an Investor subject to personal investment funds available to you (normally a minimum of £2m)  In order to qualify for an Investor Visa, you will need to fulfill certain criteria

Read more on active and passive investment criteria


This scheme is aimed at skilled workers from outside the UK who have a full time job offer from a UK employer.  The application consists of four stages.  In order for an employer to be able to employ non-UK nationals, they will firstly need to apply for a Sponsorship License

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There are two basic routes to naturalisation for adults, both of which require that the applicant already has Indefinite Leave to Remain and does not have any unspent convictions.  If married to a UK national the applicant must have been lawfully resident in the UK for three years.

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