Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

How we can help

MediVisas can ably assist in all types of ILR, through time spent legally working on the UK, or studying; through marriage, as well as via long periods of residence.


You will need to pass the UK’s Life In the UK Test, as well as an English Language Test, at B1 Level (Speaking & Listening). In addition, you will need to show that you meet the residency requirements.

You will normally need to show that you have not spent extended periods of time outside the UK, even if this was unavoidable eg for work reasons. In some cases, discretion may be exercised due to compassionate reasons due to family or illness. Indefinite Leave is normally achieved by having spent periods of at least 5 continuous years in the UK if you are working, or as a Spouse or Partner.

You might qualify under the Long Residence requirements, if you have spent at least 10 consecutive years legally in the UK (other than as a Visitor) or at least 20 years in the UK under a combination of legal and illegal stay.

Finally, if you spend more than 2 consecutive years outside the UK after having being granted ILR, you will normally lose your ILR status, although you may be able to have it re-instated under the ‘Returning Resident’ Rules.

I cannot recommend highly enough

“I cannot recommend MediVisas highly enough – Chris helped process my citizenship and they were very thorough in their initial consultation to find out all the details of my immigration history, which had been handled by another firm. Their personal attention to my case, answering all my (many!) questions knowledgeably and with lots of patience, ensured I felt informed every step of the way which made the process really painless. Helping me to get everything filed correctly, quickly and with ease, they made the process stress-free at every turn – and with their help and expedited filing I had an answer way before I thought I would and I am happy to say I am now a dual citizen thanks to them!”

Lori, USA