Spousal / Partner Visas

I have been through this visa process and all its stages myself when applying for my wife to join me in the UK permanently, so I understand the intricacies (along with the stresses and costs) of the application process better than most– Christopher Fysh Director

  • Assess your chances of success initially. If your case has no merit, we will tell you immediately
  • Furnish you with a detailed list of documents required for the application
  • Assess all your supporting documentation
  • Complete any application forms on your behalf
  • Write a detailed covering letter outlining the reasons why we believe your application should be approved
  • Upload all supporting evidence once your application has been submitted.
  • Communicate with the UK immigration authorities where necessary


What we can do for you

There are varying requirements the UK citizen or ILR resident (or Sponsor) needs to meet in order has to meet in order to for you to enter (called leave to enter) or remain (called leave to remain) in this category.

Financial requirement

Ways of Meeting the Financial Requirement:

  • be in permanent employment earning £18,600 or more per year or
  • have other specified non-employment income amounting to £18,600
  • be self-employed and have average earnings of £18,600 over the past 18 or 24 months
  • have earnings from employment or income from other sources which, although lower than £18,600, can be ‘topped up’ from savings
  • be in receipt of specified benefits, including Disability Living Allowance or Corer’s Allowance, and be able to support their family as per government minimum requirements.
  • have savings amounting to £62,50

If you as the sponsor and your partner are living together outside of the UK at the time of application the sponsor must have a confirmed job offer from a UK employer, with suitable salary, due to start within 3 months of arrival back in the UK.

If you have dependent children who are also applying, then more savings and/or income will be required.We have helped many couples in varying financial situations prove to the UK immigration authorities that they meet this requirement, where previously, they thought they did not qualify.

Accommodation requirement

If you do not own your property, then Applicant and Sponsor must show that they have somewhere to stay with the permission of the owner of the property (owner or landlord / agent), with at least one room that applicant and sponsor will occupy exclusively, and that the property will not be overcrowded.

Relationship requirement

Most importantly you must be in a genuine relationship with your sponsor, and you must both intend to make the UK your main home.

  • The government have introduced a number of tests to ensure sure that the relationship is genuine.  Legitimate couples should not be affected by this.
  • If successful, an out-of-country applicant will be issued a visa valid for 33 months. 
  • For In- country applicants, the Leave will be granted for 30 months. The visa will then need to be extended until you have been in the UK for 5 years, at which point you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or settle permanently in the UK.  You will also be able to apply for Citizenship immediately after having been granted Permanent settlement.

English language requirement

Any applicant who is not a national of a country where English is the predominant language, must sit a basic English Language Test at Level A1 (Speaking, Listening). You can check with your local English Language School or Centre for further details about sitting the Test.

Showing proof of each requirement above is of the upmost importance to the success of your application and this is something we are skilled at.

If you would like to discuss this visa further, and how we can help, email us now.

We aim to get back to everyone within 1 – 2 hours

After applying various time ...

• “After applying various times to enter the country as a Civil Partner, I was beginning to give up. till a friend of ours recommended medivisas to us.

I don’t know where I would be if they didn’t recommend medivisas. I believe that because of them I was able to leave my home country and settle in the UK with my partner. We tried everything before it and nothing was working.

MediVisas never let us down and were very supportive throughout the whole process.

Now we can live a happy life together in the UK and it is all because MediVisas actually know what they are doing when it comes to having a successful outcome.

Thank you so much. There are no words to express how grateful we are.”


I had an excited and teary wife ...

“I had an excited and teary wife on the phone about 30 minutes ago. Visa has been granted and she is inbound on March 11th.

Can’t thank you enough for your hard work on our application!”


I want to thank Chris ...

I want to thank Chris and everyone at the MediVisas firm for all they did for my immigration case.

I am a US citizen who has had a child here in the UK with my partner. It took more than 2 years fighting with Home Office to allow me an extended leave to remain here with my family.

If not for Medivisas and their extensive knowledge of the laws in the UK as well as her desire to see a family not be torn apart I would have never won this battle.

MediVisas are a talented firm. Me and my family thank you all!